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Where Does Our Product Come From

Harris Ranch Beef is located right here in California, we only carry the Black Angus High Grade Choice also known as 4 diamond and 5 diamond graded. Know what your putting into your body. For more info click the link below.

Some of the best beef in the U.S.A. highly used by the top chefs all over the country. Please Click below for some great information.

Some of the top Chefs in the country use USfoods, so if we want to give our customer the best we get it from the best providers. for more info click the link below

Seaboard pork is one of the highest graded pork company in the united states. We have been using them for over a decade now. We always have great feed back from our customers. Click the link below for more info

American lamb is the best lamb, Raised right here in Davies California. Customer satisfaction is what we go by. Click the link below for more info.

We keep all of our Grass Fed products in Our fresh meat case. There is a good selection of different cuts, from Ground Chuck, Rib Eyes, New York and ect. Raised in Kern County. for More info click the link below.

In 1947, D.R. Sanderson and his two sons started a small-town farm supply business that sold feed, seed, fertilizer and other farm supplies to their local and surrounding communities. Through the careful management and hard work of three generations, that same family-owned feed and seed store has grown to become the third largest poultry producer in the nation, employing more than 11,000 employees in operations spanning five states and 13 cities.

Smart Chicken is dedicated to producing the safest, highest quality, and best tasting fresh chicken in the United States

All Smart Chicken products are raised without animal byproducts, antibiotics, or hormones, are 100% all-natural, and are processed using purified cold air instead of adding non-potable water—that’s The Air-Chilled Difference

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