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Some of our Top Selling Fish

King Salmon/Wild Caught Salmon

Lobster Tails

Chilean Sea Bass

Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna

Alaskan True Cod


Call us at 661-832-7373 or 661-735-7585 for more fish products, we have a big selection of different Sea Food items

Only At Wooddale Meat Market

Wildwood Grilling Planks & Wraps

It’s More Than Wood for Grilling

Cooking on fire and wood immediately re-connects us to our ancestry. To simpler times. And sharing that food – seasoned deeply with the flavor of wood smoke – builds a profound connections with the friends and family who we value and hold dear.That is the Wildwood Grilling experience.

Exotic Meats

Frog Legs

Beef Tongue

Elk/Venison Back Straps/New York

Elk/Venison/Boar Ground


Sirloin Alligator

Call us at 661-832-7373 or 661-735-7585 for more info on other exotic meat items we have.

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